Smart Bar resident Olin takes the sound he developed on his releases with Argot and God Particle and offers fresh dimensionality to Pittsburgh's Detour's discography. His tracks are informed in part by his residency at Smart Bar and borrow elements from a range of electronic music genres, resulting in a funky, acid-infused, and incredibly danceable release. 

A1 / "Bring Back That Feeling" is driven by its concise instrumentation, opening with a sharp, acid bass line, bright hi-hats, and syncopated rhythms. At the three-minute mark, a simple synth propels the track to a higher intensity. The track skirts along the darker side of house, and is guaranteed to get dance floors moving. 

A2 / "Out Alone" features a playful melody and crisp claps. A more whimsical complement to A1, "Out Alone" is a pulsating, dance floor focused jam. The track incorporates aspects of house and techno into wavering arpeggios that add an incessant groove. 

B1 / "Locked" possesses sophisticated rhythmic interplay and full layers of bass. The instrumentation is the track's strength: shrouds of deep, acidic synth make "Locked" ideal for peak time, or great as a warm-up house tool. 

B2 / "Press" closes out the EP, and is a Panorama Bar house track to its core. B2 is light with a delicate melody line, and the sound design is reminiscent of disco or funk. It's a satisfying end to an acid-infused EP that is soulful and playful.