DETOUR 001 - V/A

A1 — Pittsburgh Track Authority — "Pitfalls" 
Pittsburgh Track Authority is Preslav Lefterov, Thomas Cox, and Adam Ratana. After starting on the ground floor of Pittsburgh’s rise to prominence on the dance music map, the influential supergroup has released music with Uzuri, Further, Argot, and their own labels, Pittsburgh Tracks and Love What You Feel. Pittsburgh Track Authority kicks off DETOUR001 strong, with a flurry of swelling chords and deep drum kicks that build steadily under chaotic hi-hats. Recontextualized French house, icier, more mechanical, more space-age in its composition. A dramatic change of pace from the typically unprocessed sound of their past releases. 

A2 — Mirko — "Arena" 
Born from a tradition of live jazz, Mirko’s first two releases on the Blank Slate imprint showcase the diversity of his output, from jazz-inspired techno to classically-inspired acid house. Staying true to his repertoire, "Arena" presents conflict through dissonant chords, undulating pads that crescendo at key inflection points, and machine-gun snares that break an otherwise contiguous flow. Spacious, more peak-time, more techno. 

B1 — Gusto — "Circulaçion" 
A part of the growing Pittsburgh dance music scene, Gusto was raised in the Bronx, surrounded by hip-hop and R&B, heavily influenced by the 90s house and techno music from the NYC club scene. In contrast to side A, "Circulacion" is cleaner and more controlled, marked by driving chords and tight 808s kicks that move along at an almost frantic pace. 

B2 — Naeem —"Repel" 
Originally a hip-hop DJ from New York City, Naeem’s intensity and eclectic musical background manifests in his production. "Repel" closes DETOUR001 on a house note—a persistent bass line that serve as a foundation for a structured, irresistibly danceable musical body. Classic, abrasive, Chicago-inspired house.